Martha Langenbahn, EdD


My name is Dr. Martha (Marty) Langenbahn and I am a psychologist at Horizons Counseling Services.  I received my doctoral degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  I am licensed with the Ohio Board of Psychology (#2941).  Before I entered Indiana University I was an elementary teacher, an elementary school counselor, and a junior high school counselor.  Before coming to Horizons, I worked as the Clinical Director at a therapeutic day treatment center which combined therapy and education for troubled and acting out youth.

I am certified by the Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy.  Cognitive Therapy assumes that negative and fearful thoughts lead to negativity, depression and fearful feelings.  The goal of therapy is to modify and change those thoughts thus reducing depression and anxiety.  I incorporate Cognitive Behavior Therapy with traditional talk therapy.  I find that the most important aspect of therapy is listening deeply to what the client wants to tell me and to give each person the opportunity to tell his/her story.  I emphasize the therapist/client relationship above all else.

I work with ages 7 through adult.  I am finding that working with senior citizens is quite rewarding.  With children and adolescents, parents are involved.  As adolescents move toward adulthood, usually parental involvement is a bit less.

When you make an appointment with me, I ask that you come 20-30 minutes early for the intake paperwork so that we can have the whole appointment time together.  An alternative is to download the paperwork from the website and fill it out at home.

You can contact me by phone at 440 845-9011, voice mail #105.