Francis Chiappa, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

I specialize in family therapy, couple therapy, family and relationship problems, divorce and post-divorce issues, individual therapy, group therapy, and major mental disorders.

I believe that each person or family is unique and that therapy must respect that uniqueness. I would call my treatment philosophy collaborative, with aspects of narrative, family systems, client-centered and dynamic approaches. Research has shown that the “brand” of therapy doesn’t guarantee effectiveness. What does maximize success are the “common factors” that distinguish effective therapists – collaboration, tailoring therapy to the client’s needs, working together towards the client’s goals, patience and persistence in working through complex issues, and of course, empathy and genuineness.

I provide consultation and training in family and couples therapy, connecting with clients, divorce issues, lifespan development, and managing the stresses of unemployment. I’ve consulted with various local agencies focused on mental health and employment services. I’ve been a continuing education instructor at Cleveland State University and Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University. From 1984 to 2007, I was an Adjunct Psychology Faculty member at Cleveland State University. Here’s my complete resume.

How to reach me:

440-845-9011 ext. 107

[email protected]