Francis Chiappa, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

I specialize in family therapy, couple therapy, family and relationship problems, divorce and post-divorce issues, individual therapy, group therapy, and major mental disorders.

I believe that each person or family is unique and that therapy must respect that uniqueness. I would call my treatment philosophy collaborative, with aspects of narrative, family systems, client-centered and dynamic approaches. Research has shown that the “brand” of therapy doesn’t guarantee effectiveness. What does maximize success are the “common factors” that distinguish effective therapists – collaboration, tailoring therapy to the client’s needs, working together towards the client’s goals, patience and persistence in working through complex issues, and of course, empathy and genuineness.

I provide consultation and training in family and couples therapy, connecting with clients, divorce issues, and lifespan development. Currently I’m consulting at Ohio Means Jobs/United Labor Agency, on managing the stresses of unemployment and job search. I’m a Continuing Education Instructor at Cleveland State University and formerly at Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University. From 1984 to 2007, I was an Adjunct Psychology Faculty member at Cleveland State University. Here’s my complete resume.

How to reach me:

440-845-9011 ext. 107

[email protected]